What does fitness mean to you?






Never too late




What does fitness mean? To most people, fitness means looking good and feeling good. However, fitness is more than just how good you look and feel; it’s about achieving your optimum health. Basically, health is how you feel each day and fitness is how you perform each day.

Women who have never thought of lifting a weight can actually turn back the clock physically and emotionally through weight training! Studies have shown, that women who engage in weight training, gain muscle, lose fat, increase bone density, and improve posture and agility.

Women are busy. We are caregivers and sometimes we get so busy taking care of everyone else, we don’t take care of ourselves. You know the old saying, “I’ll make time for me later…when the kids are in school, when I have more money, when the kids move out, when my husband retires, etc…” If you wait for the right time, you’ll never find it, you have to make it! Make time for you! Another old saying is, “Make time for exercise or make time for illness.”

Try not to worry about yesterday; it ended last night. Try not to worry about tomorrow; it’s not here yet. It is important to have a goal and a plan, but not if it causes you to lose sight of today. Be present today, exercise with intention, be happy; be well for you! It’s never too late to start on your journey of leading a healthy lifestyle!

Believe me, the healthier you are and the better you feel about yourself, the more you can give to others (and we all know you’re going to do that anyway), so you might as well do it while you feel fabulous, sexy and strong!

See you at the gym!


2 thoughts on “What does fitness mean to you?

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  2. This totally sounds like me! -running at 100 mph taking care of the kids and the hubby… meanwhile I managed to end up at the bottom of my “to do” list. I always felt a little guilty doing something for myself- but now I realize I’m a happier Mom and Wife and it allows me to take care of my family even better! Plus I DESERVE it dang it! 🙂 Luv it!

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