Putting Ourselves First


For most of us women, we struggle to make exercise a regular part of our day.  We are so busy putting everyone else first in our lives, tending to the many roles we play in life.  We are a mother, sister, friend, wife, daughter, colleague, and the list goes on.  Often we don’t even notice that we haven’t taken time out to care for our own health until we notice the pants are more than just a little snug or worse… illness attacks.  When you look at the vigor of a woman and the tasks and challenges she encounters each day, it can be astonishing.  The question is, how can we capture this inner strength when it comes to our own health?

Putting our health first yields mental, physical and emotional strength enabling us to be our best for our loved ones and enjoy a long full life of love, family, friends and good health.

Understanding the “why” behind putting our health first seems clear, but the true challenge becomes “how”.  We often look for a wave of motivation, or a boost of energy to get us to start exercising or return to it.  The truth IS the motivation and energy only comes after we get started.  The benefits of feeling great, looking your best, and operating with power and confidence kick in, and only then the “high” of personal success catapults your motivation and energy levels.

So, “how” do we get back to daily exercise, or get started on the path.  The answer is simple.  Make a choice.  Make a choice every single day.  Make a choice to be better, to be healthier, and to win.  Tap into the inner strength we already know we have, and DO IT- just MOVE!  Put one foot in front of the other and MOVE.

Because women are emotional creatures, we often let emotions dominate our decisions, and the trick is to make the decision to dominate our emotions.  Write down your answers to the following and find yourself empowered to make it happen TODAY.

  • Visualize.
    Each day visualize your greatest self.  Think about 6 weeks from today after having made the right choices.  Envision what positive changes in your life happen when you become your most fit and alive self.  Find your purpose for living your finest life.
  • Define Your Goals.
    Don’t just set a goal.  Have a clear, realistic, and purpose-driven goal with a timeline and mini-goals to accomplish along the way.  This will keep you excited about the milestones you reach and so the motivation ensues.
  • Create a Plan.
    Do you have the skills needed to accomplish your goal?  If not, get them.   Make a list of action items with a time and date for each, and commit to them.  Do you have bad habits to get rid of?  Identify them, write them down, and make this part of your plan.
  • Have a Support System.
    Determine who in your life will lift you up and encourage you, and invite them to participate in your journey.  Identify who could deter you, then just be aware and know you are the victor in your life!  Seek guidance from professional resources. They are everywhere.
  • Know the Obstacles.
    Think about the obstacles that have gotten in your way in the past and be prepared for them to appear again.   Establish if you have any self destructive behaviours that may become an obstacle and get ready to fight them…and win.

Now simply manage it.  We manage most aspects of our lives with diligence and perseverance because it’s important and we have to.  Your personal health IS the most important aspect of your life.  Treat your mind and body like you treat your best girlfriend- with love, respect, and care and make the time.  Most importantly feel the inner strength of the woman you ARE, and make the choice … every day.   The motivation will follow and so will your results and your BEST YOU.


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