A Vision for the Future

Club Solutions Magazine, August

Club Solutions Magazine, August

Karen Wischmann, president and CEO of Total Woman Gym & Day Spa, is someone who doesn’t shrink from the responsibilities that come with leadership and growth. In fact, one might venture to say that these roles hold a sort of comfort for her. At any rate, it’s clear that Wischmann is someone who believes wholeheartedly in the power of fitness to change lives and knows that great corporations are always built around the people who are responsible for making a collective dream become reality. “I truly believe that physical fitness can positively change everything about a person-the way she looks and feels, her energy and overall health, the list goes on and on,” she says. “I believe everyone should be involved in a fitness program; it’s embedded in my DNA!”

Read more of Kirsten E. Silven’s article “A Vision for the Future: How Karen Wischmann and Total Woman Gym & Day Spa are Revolutionizing the Way Women View Fitness” in the August edition of Club Solutions Magazine at ClubSolutionsMagazine.com.


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