Wishes into action


Most of us have something we know we wish to do, but find ourselves procrastinating about.

For you it might be a round of lessons – beginning modern dance, life drawing, acting, learning a language. Take pen in hand. Write about your deferred dream. Choose something enticing about which you have been procrastinating. On the page allow yourself to imagine yourself actually doing what you long to do. How does it feel? What changes do you need ot make to accommodate this new growth, new hobby, new discipline?

After you have written for enough time to fully explore your imaginary start, move from the visionary to the practical. Do the footwork necessary to begin. If piano lessons are your goal, start looking for a teacher. If getting into the best shape of your life is your goal, start looking for a personal trainer. Muster the courage to make that phone call. Allow yourself to explore on your own behalf. For today, all you need is the grace to begin beginning. Think – and start – very small. Do something new!

Article excerpted from “Finding Water” by Julia Cameron.


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