50 Great Reasons To Exercise


Group Fitness Class held in Encinitas during the Grand Opening Celebration!Exercise is one of the best things you can do for your health. Even a little exercise lowers blood pressure, improves cholesterol levels and increases circulation. It can help you look and feel your best, and boost your confidence to boot! Discover 50 ways exercise helps YOU take charge of your health!

  1. Exercise is energizing.
  2. It leaves you with a natural high.
  3. It’s one of the best things you can do for your health.
  4. Every little bit counts.
  5. Regular exercise will dramatically lower your risk of heart disease, cancer and other illnesses.
  6. Regular exercise can lower your blood pressure.
  7. Aerobic exercise (like brisk walking or biking) can lower “bad” cholesterol.
  8. Exercise can raise your “good cholesterol.
  9. Exercise reduces the risk of diabetes.
  10. With regular exercise, you may live longer.
  11. You may live healthier.
  12. You’ll build stronger bones.
  13. It helps prevent osteoporosis.
  14. Your back will be happier.
  15. Your joints will appreciate it.
  16. You’ll get stronger.
  17. You’ll build muscle.
  18. You’ll use more calories.
  19. As your muscles grow bigger, you’ll even burn more calories sitting still.
  20. Exercise burns fat.
  21. It will help you maintain a healthy weight.
  22. It can help you lose weight.
  23. It’s cheaper than buying a new wardrobe.
  24. You’ll be getting into shape.
  25. Your self-esteem and confidence may improve.
  26. You’ll look your best.
  27. You’ll FEEL your best!
  28. It’ll lift your mood.
  29. Exercise is a natural “anti-depressant.”
  30. Doctors recommend it.
  31. The Surgeon General recommends it.
  32. It’ll help you look and feel younger.
  33. Walking, jogging, biking and other aerobic exercises will strengthen your heart.
  34. Stretching will keep you limber.
  35. Stretching releases tension.
  36. It can help you relax.
  37. Exercise is a great stress buster.
  38. People who exercise regularly tend to get sick less often.
  39. You’ll be fighting against colds and flu.
  40. It may help you get to sleep faster…AND sleep better!
  41. Exercise helps you age gracefully.
  42. You’ve got to use it or lose it.
  43. It’s a fun way to spend time with family and friends.
  44. It’s a nice way to spend some time alone.
  45. Exercise can be play!
  46. You can do it at home, in a park or at the gym.
  47. You can play sports AND watch them on TV.
  48. Gardening, housework and dancing ALL COUNT as exercise!
  49. Exercise can improve your quality of life.

There are hundreds of reasons why people exercise. Tell us why YOU exercise, comment below! We’d love to hear what keeps you motivated.


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