A Total Woman Success Story: Tina’s journey to a healthier life


At Total Woman we know that working to achieve our goals begins with a single decision to make a change…but realizing that change and reaching those goals takes hard work and dedication. Every woman at Total Woman has their own story to tell about their journey to better health, and every story is amazing! Today we’d like to introduce you to just one of those women:  Meet Tina!

Tina Before Tina After
Tina, before Tina, after her 100+ pound weight loss!

Tina’s story:

At the age of 21 I was diagnosed with a heart problem and was told I needed open heart surgery. I was given a handful of pills and was told that the medication would temporarily help solve a permanent problem I was experiencing. Within 2 years, I gained over 140 lbs which weighed me in at 303 lbs and wearing a size 28. The doctors still had me on the medication and were mentally preparing me for my surgery until I decided to take MY life into MY hands. I was tired of being medicated and listening to medical terminology which did me no good besides continuing to stack the weight on me. I figured if I tried everything else to becoming healthier and avoiding surgery; I can always try working out. At that point I had nothing else to lose. I started coming to Total Woman and just changed my eating habits around a little and felt great. I then made a choice to commit to a new and different journey in my life, which was Edina and Jeanette being my trainers and being there for me as I tried to attack my weight and heart problem.

I would be lying if I said it was esy. I would be lying if I said you can eat whatever you want and just work out three times a week. If I’ve learned anything, it’s that this commitment I made was mental as well. There are days that I would cancel on my trainers or try to come up with lies just so I wouldn’t write in my food journal, but at the end of the month my progress/results were affected by it and nothing else. So, I put my foot down one day and began to focus on the goal that I had set for myself.

It may have started off with me only being able to do 10 jumping jacks, doing 5 sit-ups and not being able to come all the way up, and doing 2 push-ups and then just laying on the floor, but the process of me working my way through it all is what I fell in love with. After the first year was over I was already 90 lbs lighter and jumping jacks were like chewing gum, 5 sit-ups turned into 50 bicycles, and push-ups migrated to pull-ups.

I had to make plenty of sacrifices and came to understand who my real friends were and who just kept me around because they looked better than I did. It’s actually very fascinating how things work in life, because I may have lost a bunch of people I thought were friends, but I gained two trainers who never left my side. I was also surrounded by a lot of negativity and people who hadn’t seen me in months would come up to me asking what pills I was using or how much I paid for my surgery. Now having lost over 100 lbs and fitting into clothes that are 17 dress sizes smaller, I come to acknowledge how disappointing it is that we ladies would think of pills and surgery as the road to success when those were the things that I ran from to begin with.

At the end of my training session, at the end of my day, or even at the end of the week; I didn’t owe anyone anything because I did it for myself and no one else. Being women, losing weight is always an ongoing battle. It is heartbreaking that a 90 lb girl still thinks she is heavy and feels the need to lose 10 more pounds, or a lady at 300 lbs blames the fact that she is the way she is because of all the stress in her life. Unfortunately, we also do live in a society that does nothing but advertise fast food for commercials right before we see a new dietary supplement for sale. We are surrounded with stereotypes that allow us wanting to look like Megan Fox while we dream about marrying Johnny Depp.

Our society has got us believing that there is such a thing as a perfect life out there. I beg to differ! A woman can be faced with so many obstacles through ehr life. Whether it’s a disease, divorce, finances, etc…but at the end of the day,  a woman’s beauty comes from within. I’ve realized looks fade and who I am or will become isn’t determined by how much I weigh, but it’s based on the kind of story I live to now tell. Thank you Total Woman and Edina and Jeanette!


2 thoughts on “A Total Woman Success Story: Tina’s journey to a healthier life

  1. I absolutely love this story!! It’s inspiring to women everywhere. It’s a story about perseverance, determination and commitment!

  2. Awww my Tina!! i’m soooo proud of you!!! really i am! I remember when u were teling me about you weighing 300 punds i really didn’t believe it cause the last time i seen you was at the ymca! 🙂 Ur amazing and ur determiniation is admired! Shoot i’m not gonna even complain i’ll look like an idiot! I love you hun and u have come far and succeded! go tina go go go tina go go go tina go go hahaha…thats a song my lil one would sing to you!! mwahhh

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