12 Get-Healthy Motivators


Fitness Guru Denise Austin (photo by Hilmar Meyer-Bosse)

Denise Austin’s career may focus on getting other people into shape, but that doesn’t mean she’s always motivated to work out or eat right. We asked the fitness expert to share her 12 tips for staying on track when it comes to diet and fitness goals. Read on to find out how she does it.

1. Music is key, so I blast it when I work out. Listen to your playlist only when you exercise so you’ll look forward to it.

2. Give yourself a no-food reward after a week of eating well and exercise. Get a manicure or buy yourself flowers.

3. Find a workout buddy. Every Sunday, I call my friends to set up exercise dates.

4. Put out your workout clothes the night before or keep your gym bag in your car. This is a great reminder.

5. Hang a calendar where you see it often and mark the days you work out and eat right. Seeing evidence of your hard work will inspire you to keep it up.

6. Pick a time of day to exercise and stick with it. This way it becomes part of your schedule and you feel more committed. For example, I know that Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I’ll exercise at 6:30 a.m. with my husband, and Tuesday and Thursday, I’ll do it after I drop the kids off at school.

7. E-Mail your workout log to a close friend each week. Being accountable makes you more likely to stick with it. You can do this at DeniseAustin.com.

8. Slip on your workout clothes and don’t take them off until you sweat. The second I wake up, I put mine on.

9. TV can be another motivator. I like to watch ESPN (with the sound off while listening to music) because all those athletes get me psyched up.

10. Make healthy foods look pretty. Put yogurt in a bowl and alternate layers of yogurt and fruit, or add a garnish of mint or parsley to fish and veggies.

11. Keep a food log. Studies show that people who kept food journals lost more weight than those who didn’t.

12. Remind yourself that you’ll always feel better after you exercise than you did before (or if you skip it)!

Visit DeniseAustin.com for workout products, success stories and more.
Originally published on Womansday.com

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