Busy Gal’s Guide to Skin Care


Have zero time? Use these fast skin care tips and tricks — because your skin notices when it’s being neglected.

BlogStory4Ok, first it needs to be stated that we do not endorse, support, or approve of purposeful skin care neglect. We do however understand, sympathize for, and commiserate with the woman who has too much on her metaphorical plate. Squeezing in facials and obsessing over a strict anti-aging routine takes serious amounts of “me”-time. Who’s got that? Truth is, many of us don’t.

And we get it, you’re a mom, hard at work, traveling, or maybe even just lazy (no worries, we won’t judge) and skin care just doesn’t make its way on your “to-do” list. That’s fine. Now that we have established a reasonable clause for any possible skin neglect, we can tell you that with minimal effort and time, even busy women like you can have healthy skin. It’s just all about paying attention to what’s important.

Let’s perform a little experiment. Just for a moment, imagine a world where caring for your skin isn’t so complicated and product-laden. One where a skin care routine isn’t permanently put on the back burner because it’s simple, efficient and doesn’t suck more than a couple of quick minutes out of your day? Then you wouldn’t feel overwhelmed by it, right?

Well, this glorious world we speak of might just be possible. To question the potential existence of this magical place where skin care doesn’t feel demanding and tedious, we went to the experts: medical aesthetician Susan Perry and Beverly Hills board certified dermatologist Doctor Harold A. Lancer. Here they share easy, practical skin care tips for the busy woman that prove healthy skin is possible, even for women who don’t have the luxury of time.

Tip 1: Clean out your skin care closet
When you’re busy, it feels like you’re constantly juggling priorities. With too many balls in the air, you are destined to drop one — and as soon as one hits the ground, the rest will likely come tumbling down. The same applies for your skin care routine. When you have a ton of different skin care products staring at you from your medicine cabinet, it can all start to feel too overwhelming.

Instead of feeling bogged down or suffocated by so many options, pare down your routine. Because despite what QVC or commercials might be telling you, you only need a few key items to keep your skin healthy. You don’t need any sort of twelve-step program. So grab your trash bin and get to work. First, throw out any expired products. Then, toss any eye cream or moisturizer where the water has separated from the product and is resting on top — this is a sign of a spoiled product. Lastly, trash product you don’t use on a daily basis or haven’t touched in over a month. Then, if it’s still crowded in there, read on to determine the exact products to keep and then the rest can go.

Tip 2: Know your skin type
Before you know which products should be your go-tos, Perry says it’s important to know your skin type — since most products will cater to those specific needs. Many local drugstores now have beauty technicians in the aisles that can help you determine if your skin is dry, oily, combination/normal, or sensitive — if you’re unsure about your type. If not, head to the department store or make an appointment with your dermatologist to help diagnose your skin.

Tip 3: Have a simple A.M skin care routine you stick to
Here’s the simple, anti-aging skin care regimen Lancer and Perry recommend. It requires four products and takes about three minutes:

A.M. routine:
1) Cleanse with a non-soap cleanser (try Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser, $8.95)
2) Gently exfoliate (try Lancer Dermatology Polish, $50)
3) Prevent/correct with vitamin C and antioxidants (try SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic, $142)
4) UVA/UVB protection (try Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 70, $10.99)

Tip 4: Have a basic P.M. skin care routine you follow nightly
Your nighttime routine can be extremely simple, says Perry, and should include the following:

P.M. routine:
1) Cleanse
2) Correct/Repair with a retinoid (try Retin A from your dermatologist or RoC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Night Cream, $19.99)

Tip 5: Use multi-tasking skin care products
Sometimes it’s easier to have one product for each skin care need, like the five separates mentioned in the previous a.m. routine slide, to keep things simple, yet comprehensive. Other times we multi-taskers of the world want skin care products that kill two birds with one stone. If that sounds like you, try these great multi-taskers:

  • For a cleanser and exfoliant in one, try Kiss My Face Start Up Exfoliating Face Wash, $13.99.
  • For anti-aging prevention (with vitamin c and antioxidants) and sunscreen try Lancer Dermatology Vitamin C Antioxidant Sunscreen, $34.
  • To get a tinted moisturizer, sunscreen and anti-aging cream in one bottle try Estee Lauder DayWear Plus Multi Protection Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15, $35.

Tip 6: Get healthy skin without products
If you want to spend less time fussing over your skin, your goal should be to have the healthiest skin possible. The easiest way to keep your skin healthy if you’re on-the-go is to eat right and stay hydrated. That means drinking at least eight ounces of water a day and “eating foods that are anti-inflammatory and contain lots of anti-oxidants. [And] low glycemic index foods such as salads, bright red and green vegetables, omega 3 rich wild salmon, avocados, olive oil and blueberries” says Perry. Your skin is a projection of what is going on internally, so obviously if you aren’t eating healthfully, your skin will be the first to tattle on you.

Tip 7: Monitor your sodium and protein intake
“I always tell my clients to watch what they eat when they are traveling or working a lot,” says Lancer, as “salt reduction is critically important for healthy skin.” Why? Salt decreases the water intake of your internal organs and when your organs are dehydrated, they suck the water out of your skin and leave you with sallow, dry, cracked skin, he says. So, if you’re grabbing quick food while on the run, pay extra attention to nutritional labels.

Protein intake is also essential for healthy, youthful skin says Lancer. He recommends protein be 40 percent of your dietary intake. Why? If your protein intake isn’t high enough, the “amino acids in the blood stream are insufficient to stimulate collagen and elastin production,” he advises.

Tip 8: Baby you skin while traveling
If you travel extensively, you likely suffer from dehydration, and your skin probably shows it. To help your skin deal with the added stress of traveling “don’t wear makeup on the plane,” says Perry. Also “take some cleansing wipes to refresh and a small tube of moisturizer, toss in some eye drops and [bring] a lip balm,” and of course “keep hydrated with water,” advises Perry.

Got puffy eyes? They can be caused by fluid imbalance and fatigue, says Dr. Lancer. Try one of these top rated eye creams to combat the effects.

Tip 9: When all else fails
If you really can’t bother, are too busy to do the minimal routine, or are just too exhausted to drag yourself to the sink (it happens to the best of us), at the very least, keep cleansing wipes by your bed to remove makeup, excess dirt and oil. There should be no excuse for going to bed without cleansing, especially when multi-tasking wipes like Boots No7 Quick Thinking 4-in-1 Wipes, $6.99 (which cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin) make it so easy. And going to bed with makeup on can clog pores, and make your skin age faster — it’s true.

Written by Anna Jiminez
Originally published at Totalbeauty.com

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